Nuns Of Terror by Arturo Picca

January 24th, 2009

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Anime nuns cute gilrs with big tits like to suck dick and fuck in all holes by everybody. They good nuns but today they want only hard fucking.

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3 Responses to “Nuns Of Terror by Arturo Picca”

  1. sam

    i like adult/porn comics but this kind of comics which is related to Church is not good

  2. amfitryon

    wonderfull comic! congratulations.
    keep going

  3. Luis

    I totaly disagree with Sam and I think e lives in a bi-polar dillema ( it must be excruciating to love porn and be constraint by religion ). Me, on the contrary, I love priests & nuns fucking. Even cardinals or the Pope himself having delirious sex! And Satan fucking nuns and nuns enjoying it ( I only like consented sex even in comics ) I find it very voluptuous!
    And I live in country ( Portugal ) where catholics claim to be the majority!
    And I was baptised as a roman-catholic ! But I had no choice: I was a baby then…

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