Milo Manara – Click 4 adult comics

August 19th, 2007

Claudia Christiani returns for her fourth tale. Unfortunately, this is the weakest book in the series. Claudia’s husband (same one from before, even though they had apparently separated after the first book (“Click 1″)), a lawyer, represents Globalchem in a lawsuit over Methylene alcohol being used in food, causing people to go blind. The son and daughter (the sister being a little too causal about being nude in front of her brother, and the brother being a little too accommodating by shaving her and the like) of one of the victims decide to try to ruin Globalchem’s lawyer by getting/using Claudia.
After failing miserably on their own, Dr. Fez contacts them to offer his help (actually, he contacted them before that, but the female didn’t believe him). Apparently he has made a transmitter himself, even though he lost the first one in the first book, and by the end of that book thought that it was a fraud. His notes allowed him to create a better transmitter (strange, he didn’t make the transmitter to begin with, and he never seemed to take any notes; he was a medical doctor, nothing previously implied that he was also an engineer or an inventor).