Garry Roberts – Adult Comix Naughty Girls

September 16th, 2007

Adventures of two naughty girls in this adult comic series by Garry Roberts, about a young girls that becomes a sex slaves. Too mad to print… The most pervert-maniac comic so far !!!

13 Responses to “Garry Roberts – Adult Comix Naughty Girls”

  1. Anonymous

    hot cartoons, need more!! :)

  2. Multi Pig

    Mr Gary Roberts is a very good artist of comics! Do you familiar with him? I think he is very good!

  3. BDSM

    roberts generally specialises in BDSM and torture …. Twisted Evil u know in several ways he depicts the anger and jealousy which the common people have for the filthy rich celebrities in his comix.. i have read a few of his comix, like Shortcut to hell , black van series, witch hunt, etc , starfuckers …

  4. Lowees

    i like his drawings, though his girls tend to all look alike from one another, including having similar tan lines along their body… i’m not particularly into bondage comics, but compared to some of the other bdsm atists out, roberts is not as “brutal” with his girls as the others..

  5. Ninja

    I Like his work. He is very talented.

  6. BDSM

    The best BDSM artist….and thank god not that violent like Ferres and others. That says it all

  7. Vantus

    His girls do look similar–except their hair color. A bit like Riverstone’s girls always look similar.He should do some non-torture, non-BDSM comics someday. I’d love to read ‘em.

  8. Noob

    I’m pretty new into the whole erotic comics culture – I don’t think I have seen his work. I’ll remember his name for the future.

  9. Mary

    does anyone have any of his comics that they can send me?

  10. Dude

    I’m not so much into the subject matter (torture and violence), but I do love the artwork. I dig the tan lines very much, to don’t see that very much in comics.

  11. Admin

    I like his work. The girls look beautiful, sexy and the guys also sexy. But his art is difficult to search for free. Anyway, he is the best artist at fantasydox.

  12. Guest

    I think that his comics all look the same: blond bimbo(s) tied up and abused:

    [ cut ]

  13. Uno Negro

    I still like the artwork of Gary Roberts even if the stories are sometimes kind of burtal. But it is fantasy not reality so better work it out in comix.

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